Would You Like Proven Results Like The Ones Below?



Have you ever been promised #1 rankings & more traffic then you can handle with the push of a button?

Let’s talk honestly…

have you ever hired an SEO or Marketing Agency in the past that you never  actually spoke with on the phone and were just rolled into their “special system”? I am sure you have a bad taste in your mouth as soon as you hear the term SEO.

have you been turned off by search engine optimization and worrying about your website because so many “so called experts” out there have made a HUGE mess of things?

have you wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars on some monthly plan that you were told had to be run for at least 4-6 months to yield any noticeable results?

have you ever used a “so called American agency” that turned out to be outsourcing their entire operation overseas at a fraction of what they charged you?

Have you ever had any one of these things happen to you?

It has happened to the majority of clients I talk with on a daily basis.

“This Changes Everything…”

Would You Like Proven Results Like The Ones Below?


Launched In Sept 2014 – Almost 600 Targeted Organic Visitors A Day!


Below Are Older Screen Shots Of Clients Fitness Site
Year In Review Organic Traffic – Still Going Strong!
Dip At End Was Christmas Day


This ranking is now bringing in this client over $3k a month!
Niche: Fitness

33k a month volume search term!  Site now getting 3k more visits a month!
Niche: Fitness

33k a month volume!

Huge Real Estate Term – 27k Volume search term – 25% Increase In Site Leads
Niche:Real Estateml2700

Competitive Financial Terms – We shot up fast… stay level… are ready for the next rise!


Ranking For Competitive Financial Terms


From Nowhere To Somewhere In Less Than A Week!